Best Backpacks for Elementary School of 2020

The back-to-school atmosphere indeed makes kids go crazy- they get new books, new shoes, and of course, new backpacks. But the last time you went with your kid on the back-to-school haul, it could’ve been a whole disaster; the shopkeeper might’ve ripped off most of your money, and the backpack turned into a piece of junk within six months. Now, this article is quite everything you are looking for! While a miscellany of backpacks is available online, some people are still dubious about online purchasing. But this article reviews some of the best backpacks for elementary school available online, chosen just for your kids.

In this dynamic world, which is full of ever-changing needs, kids today are expected to do much more than before. Kids nowadays have an insane routine to follow. And for them to comfortably carry themselves throughout the day, they need stylish yet comfortable backpacks. Today, even elementary schools kids carry mammoth loads of books on their backs which can cause potential health risks.

Our Top Picks Best Backpacks for Elementary School:

In this list, you will find our top 10 picks best backpacks for elementary school, chosen by features, demand, and price. For each product, in the end, there will be several pros and cons mentioned, so that you know what works for your child and what doesn’t.

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1. JanSport Superbreak Backpack

best backpacks for elementary school

JanSport is a widespread distributor of quality backpacks, serving an array of purposes like kids’ backpacks. Their JanSport Superbreak Backpack has quite the trendy look and is popular among kids too. This product has a quite high ranking in the kids’ section on Amazon. This has almost all the features mentioned above- a functional capacity, spacious but fewer compartments, lightweight and a lot more additional features too. The zips are made out of fabric and are easy to access (unlike the traditional zips). There is a good deal of padding on the shoulder straps and back; So no discomfort at all.

  • Organized, comes with many compartments.
  • Sturdy
  • Quirky design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Over 30 variants are available.
  • Limited compartments.
  • No side mesh pocket for storing a water bottle.
  • Due to its capacity, i.e., 8 liters, it is not an ideal option for tall kids.
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2. JANSPORT TDN7 Big Student – Best JanSport Backpack for Elementary School

best jansport backpack for elementary school

After each promotion, your little one needs to carry even more books and materials to school every day. Also, if the Superbreak model fits like a mini backpack to them, this is the best JanSport backpack for elementary school.  This Big Student backpack is perfect for all the big girls and big boys out there! A luxurious number of compartments to store everything you want, a massive capacity of 37 liters, all of which come along with absolute comfort. This model has a side mesh pocket meant for the water bottle. This is a very sturdy model and if used correctly, can be used by your grandchildren too!

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Available in about 30 different colors
  • Spacious and sufficient number of compartments
  • Greater capacity
  • Budget-friendly
  • The straps cannot handle too much strain and might break
  • The zip gets stuck in the overlaying fabric
  • Not ideal for sporty kids
  • There is no variety of designs (mostly solid colors)
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3. JanSport Super FX – Best Backpacks for Elementary School Girl

best backpacks for elementary school girl
best backpacks for elementary school girl

The Super FX Backpack model has other variants too, but we chose this one especially for girls. This is the best backpacks for elementary school girls; The surface material is different and shiny, and the symbols are embellished on it so that they won’t fade away. The compartments are spacious, and there is also a small compartment to store stationery supplies. Great cushioning is provided to eliminate any kind of discomfort. The design is so charming that your kid will want to go to school every day to show it off!

  • Lots for storage
  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy despite delicate looks
  • Easy to clean
  • About 30 variants are available
  • Boys do not prefer most of the designs
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4. Adidas Unisex Young Creator Backpack

Adidas Unisex Young Creator

If your young one is looking for a sporty backpack to match their dynamic personality, this Young Creator Backpack is one of the best choices. Adidas makes goods that last longer than we estimate. This is a very lightweight pack, which never limits kids’ from doing whatever they want to. The ever so comfortable structure of the backpack makes handling it very easy. Also, it is water-resistant; so the practice goes on even when it rains.

  • Number of spacious compartments
  • Unisex- can be used by both girls and boys
  • Comes in variants which look as sporty as this one
  • Very comfortable due to lots of padding in the back and shoulder straps
  • Not meant for heavyweights
  • The straps might start to fray
  • A little too pricey
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5. Kids’ Brasilia Backpack

Kids' Brasilia

A very stylish but sporty model, Nike is another brand that is ideal for kids active in sports. The backpack consists of spacious compartments with a capacity of 16 litres. This is also a unisex model which makes it suitable for both boys and girls. Due to its size, it can also be worn by your kindergartner. It also has a pocket for holding a water bottle. This backpack can be used for various purposes and even for travelling.

  • Design is very fashionable
  • Serves multiple purposes
  • Comfortable padding
  • Only two compartments
  • Priced on the higher side
  • Only a few variants are available
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6. Wildkin Kids’ Backpack – Good Quality Backpacks for Elementary School

good quality backpacks for elementary school

Wildkin is a brand, trusted by many when it comes to elementary school backpacks. They make backpacks that have a gender-neutral design. Wildkin ensures the safety of children by placing the name tag on the inside of the shoulder strap. It is designed to provide comfort to children by adding proper padding. Its size is ideal for kindergartners as well as good quality backpacks for elementary school as it has a capacity of 15 liters. There are huge compartments and a side pocket as well. This product has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and is preferred by a vast audience, even offline.

  • Large, spacious compartments
  • Soft padding on shoulder straps and back
  • Available in cute designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Only two compartments
  • Might be big for some kindergartners
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7. Wildkin Backpack – Best Backpacks for Elementary School Girl

best backpacks for elementary school girl

Wildkin always has something for everyone. If the kids’ backpack were big for your child, this would be an ideal serve. This is a 12 inches backpack with a capacity of 16 liters, so this can be filled with as much stuff as you want- books, lunchbox, water bottle (has a side pocket for that), and a lot more. The adorable design would most likely suit your little one. The shoulder straps are padded and aren’t too big so that they won’t fall off. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best backpacks for elementary school girl, especially from a value perspective.

  • Ample room for storage
  • Comes in other pretty designs
  • Comfortable for kids of age 4 to 7
  • Can be too wide for some children
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8. Hop Zoo Owl Pack Little – Best Size Backpack for Elementary School

best size backpack for elementary school

If you’re looking for such cutesy best size backpack for elementary school or for four-year-old, Skip Hop is the brand that is going to serve you. Comfort that has never been provided by any other pack, this model has the best padding ever. It has a compartment for books and a compartment for a lunchbox, stationery, etc. it has a side compartment for a water bottle too. This backpack might look tiny but has a capacity of 11 inches.

  • Lots of variants available
  • Roomy compartments
  • Comfortable padding
  • Budget-friendly
  • They only make animal-shaped designs
  • The side pocket can only hold small water bottles
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9. J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

J World New York Sunrise

Some schools don’t provide lockers to the students, which makes it difficult for them to carry books to school every day. Rolling backpacks are trending nowadays because heavy loads damage kids’ posture and give then back and leg pain. These backpacks are just like the regular backpacks except, they are convenient to carry. J World is also one of the best backpack brands for elementary school.

  • Can even be worn on shoulders as per convenience
  • Can be difficult to move around in crowds
  • Pricey
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10. JanSport Driver 8 Core – Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary School

Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary School

Lastly, we have the most trusted brand, JanSport. Just like every other time, they have impressed us with this fantastic roller backpack. All the superior features of the JanSport backpack plus the additional rolling feature makes it the best rolling backpacks for elementary school.

  • All the standard features of JanSport are present
  • Lots of variants to choose from
  • Spare wheels are provided
  • Straps dragging on the ground might make them dirty
  • Expensive
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Things to Know Before Choosing The Best Backpacks for Elementary School:

Well, now there are umpteen features that you should consider before you choose the best backpacks for elementary school. Following is a list which contains all of those bullet points:


First and foremost, check whether the backpack is no larger than the size of your child’s back. It shouldn’t be too long or too wide. Otherwise, it can cause posture-related issues. A backpack can be roughly about the size of their back. There is a kid’s backpack size chart available on the internet, which you can refer to avoid any confusion.


The material should be durable and robust, like some good quality nylon or polyester. Leather also increases the durability of backpacks but requires a higher budget. However, the backpack should not be made out of some heavy material. It will add to the already substantial weight the kid is carrying. A lightweight backpack is ideal for small children with petite bodies. Waterproof backpacks may be extremely expensive and rare but are not very much in demand. Instead, water-resistant backpacks, which are made of a material like sailcloth, are enough to provide protection even against heavy rains. Nowadays, weatherproof backpacks are in demand in the market as they provide overall protection to the pack, making it even more durable.


No matter how trendy and stylish the backpack is, if it lacks proper padding, it might cause bruising. You have to make sure the backpack has enough padding on the shoulder straps and the back.


Due to the dynamic extra-curriculum, kids need to carry a lot of other things than just books. A manageable number of compartments can be very beneficial. Small compartments to store paints, glue, tape, notices, etc. are better rather than fumbling for them at the bottom of the bigger compartments. Also, the compartments shouldn’t be separated from each other with cheap material which might tear away easily. There might even be an instance where paint spills in the bag and stains the books. But if there are too many compartments in the backpack, there will be too many zippers. This gives the backpack a ghetto look. Some packs include an accessory pouch meant for storing stationery.


Capacity is the volume (widthlengthheight) of the backpack expressed in litres (1 litre = 61 cubic inches). The ideal capacity is 6 litres to 10 litres for smaller backpacks while the capacity for bigger bags falls in the range of 30 litres to 50 litres. Despite the ideal measurements, you can measure your child’s back and select the perfect pack for your child. Capacity can also be chosen based on the number of books and other materials the kid needs to carry usually.

Now there is a demand for various styles and designs depending on genders, preferences, etc. Hence, various new models have entered the market, which are meant for the safety of children. While making sure you don’t end up buying an expensive backpack, remember that making a sound investment will be worth the price. If the kid has a younger sibling, they can also use the same backpack if it is durable enough- which will save you a lot of money.


So these were our top 10 picks for the best backpacks for elementary school, reviewed for you. These products have excellent ratings on Amazon (4.5 plus) and deliver the best performance.

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